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About Fousta

Fousta is a blog specifically devoted to home appliances. We provide honest and objective reviews without intervention from anywhere.

We judge based on our own experience, friends, or people we believe have used it for a certain time.

We make all posts on this blog as simple as possible, with words that are easy to understand, not using industrial terms that are difficult to understand.

So, this blog deserves to be read by all people without exception.

Why We Created This Blog

We often see complaints from people who immediately buy goods without asking or reading beforehand. Maybe you have read, but the review is incomplete or less competent.

Therefore, we are here to give a review, the function of the item, its advantages and disadvantages. So, the readers themselves can decide whether to buy the stuff or not.

In the end, all posts on this blog are just reviews to give you an idea before buying. The decision is yours, so be a smart shopper!