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Tips for Choosing a Child's Wardrobe According to Their Needs


Over time, your child will grow up. They are no longer babies, and in their development will learn to live independently.

Little by little, teach them to keep the house tidy, one of which is by placing and storing their own clothes. Although in fact, you can still put their clothes in a personal closet, of course it would be better if you buy them their own wardrobe; especially if your child has grown up and has his own room.

The wardrobe is needed, especially in its role as a storage container that can keep the house tidy. Moreover, this is related to the character of children who tend to be messy and not sensitive to the neatness of their surroundings.

Actually, there are several things that you should consider when buying a wardrobe. After all, after all, choosing a good child's wardrobe will also "stimulate" him to learn to live neatly. Another advantage is that it supports the aesthetic value and function of space.

Indeed, the process of selecting a wardrobe is basically a tricky one. Here, you can't just choose – because many children tend to want something that suits them. Whether in terms of design, color, and much more – nowadays there are many beautiful and attractive children's wardrobe designs.

Well, for information, here are some tips that you can use to choose a child's wardrobe.


Get to know the building blocks of the child's wardrobe you choose. It has to do with their character; who still loves to play actively. To keep up safety and security, it is recommended that you avoid hard and dangerous materials such as glass or aluminum.

However, both of these materials could be at risk of making them hurt. Instead, try to choose wardrobe made of wood or plastic. Oh yes, don't forget to always see the basic materials of the wardrobe you choose. For example, by making sure that the wood surface does not have smudges or holes. After all, good quality wood will ultimately decide whether the wardrobe purchased are durable.

Well, as an additional guideline, here are some tips for choosing wardrobe based on the quality of materials:

  • Make sure your child's wardrobe is made of guaranteed furniture and is far from cheap. Indeed, good quality is often directly proportional to the high price. However, that's not always a benchmark, really.
  • If you are worried about the quality of the wardrobe, it's a good idea to buy them by brand or brand. Don't forget to ask for as many recommendations and references as you can from the internet, magazines, closest people, or even the seller!
  • Plastic wardrobe are often the right choice for children's wardrobes. This is supported by many factors, such as flexibility (lightweight, easy to carry, and move); easy to get (usually there are many types of plastic children's wardrobes sold in the market); has a variety of models, motifs, and colors (often sold with favorite cartoon motifs that children like); and has an affordable price.
  • As for besides being a wardrobe, plastic wardrobe are generally available in many functions. This could include a book storage area; toy; to other items and accessories. However, it's a good idea to consider your needs first.


There are various aspects to consider when you are choosing a wardrobe size. Here is the description.

  • Choose the one according to the availability of space. To make sure the comfort of its occupants, a room should not seem cramped or loose. Well, the arrangement of the closet itself is related to this. The easy way, if your child's room has a small space, don't force yourself to buy a large wardrobe – even if you feel, your child has a lot of stuff. Instead, try to sort out which clothes should be stored and which ones are not (because they are damaged or too small).
  • Buy a wardrobe that is under the size of the child's room. In addition to avoiding the risk of being too cramped/narrow, this method will also be useful for your little one's visual comfort. However, it must be remembered that the function of the wardrobe here is a space to store clothes. Therefore, also avoid buying a small / narrow wardrobe.
  • Align with the function. As already mentioned, the wardrobe model itself has various functions. For a wardrobe intended as a place to store books, you can use a wardrobe that is already a bookcase. This method, of course, makes it easier for you when you have to place children's books. Oh yes, do not forget to adjust to your child's height, yes. Avoid buying wardrobe that are too tall – it will only make it difficult for children to reach them. As for toy storage wardrobe, you can use the form of lockers or stacking wardrobe that are easy to open. Just like the type of children's wardrobe in general – must adjust the height to the children, yes.
  • Adjust to the child's age. The age of the child plays an important role in your decision to buy a wardrobe. If your child is a toddler or under ten years old; then you must buy a small or medium-sized wardrobe. Buying a cabinet that is too tall or large will only make it difficult for him to reach the objects in the wardrobe–especially on the top shelf. However, a good wardrobe must be able to support children to live neatly. That is why, it is important to pay attention to the size of the closet that is enough for the height of your child.

Patterns and Colors

Whether it's a minimalist child's wardrobe or a character's child's wardrobe, whatever type you choose, it is obligatory to adapt it to the concept of space. This includes the selection of motifs and colors – which are able to match the space, as well as support the aesthetic value of the space. Simply put, make sure your child's wardrobe is balanced and dynamic.

In the midst of a variety of wardrobes with bright colors (pink, light blue, green, yellow, orange, to purple) – it is important to pay attention to the concept of space. Do the colors blend well; become the focal point, or is it “an eyesore”? You have to consider all of them properly.

The opinion of your child is the most important thing in deciding what children's wardrobe you will buy. If there is time, ask for their opinion and invite them to choose the type of clothing they like.

Offer them about their preferred wardrobe model. This would certainly be better, than you decide everything yourself. After all, not necessarily your child will agree with the choices you make, right?

Regarding the motive, don't forget to consider the things that the child likes. This includes his favorite cartoon characters and characters, the motifs and colors he likes, whatever! Usually, this way will make him happy and like the presence of a new wardrobe in his room.

Wardrobe Price

Actually, the most important thing that you should pay attention to is to make sure the price of the wardrobe you are going to buy does not exceed the budget you have. For this one, it's a good idea to re-estimate the price range of the wardrobe.

Indeed, many branded furniture brands tend to offer a choice of children's wardrobes that are priced relatively expensive. However, don't be discouraged. After all, you can also get a cheaper alternative – for example by conducting a survey to other furniture stores; or buy it online.

Those are some tips that you should practice in choosing a child's wardrobe. Good luck!

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