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9 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop


9 things you need to consider before buying a new laptop

9 things you need to consider before buying a new laptop - Just like other electronics, laptop performance will usually degrade over time. Although it can be tricked by service, there's nothing wrong if you replace it with a new one.

Until now there are many laptops available in the market. Prices and models also vary. Well, if you intend to buy a new laptop, here we give nine tips for buying a new laptop.

1. Laptop size

Consider the size of the new laptop you want to buy. The screen size you choose, of course, will affect the size of the laptop.

Instead, choose a laptop that is most suitable for you. If you need high portability, choose a laptop with a small. With it, you can be mobile, move easily because of its small dimensions.

Mobile laptops usually have screens measuring 12.5 inches to 13.3 inches. This kind of laptop has a weight between 1 kg to 1.5 kg. Even so, it is very rare for a laptop of that size to have really fast specifications. You won't find a laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor in a device this small.

If you need a high-powered laptop, whether it's for design or gaming, like it or not, you have to choose a laptop with a large size. The reason is, a thick body is needed to store powerful components.

Usually, this kind of laptop has a screen measuring 14 inches to 17.3 inches. Its own weight can reach 2 kg.

2. Type and size of storage media

Hard disk type storage media was chosen in the past. Although it has a super-large capacity, usually the price is not too expensive.

Compare with SSD. Although small and fast, the price is arguably much more expensive. The price of a 128 GB SSD can be twice as much as a hard disk.

Even so, SSDs are now more widely chosen. The reason is simple, SSDs offer higher speeds than hard drives.

Well, if you need a laptop to store a lot of data, you should just choose a laptop based on a hard drive. If you need speed, such as for playing games or designing, just choose an SSD. One thing you have to remember, laptops with large capacity SSDs usually have an expensive price. Usually, laptops with 512 GB SSDs are more expensive than laptops with 2 TB hard drives.

3. Laptop design

Talking about laptops, of course the first thing we see from a laptop is a matter of design. As technology advances, laptops also have various innovations, especially in terms of design. If in the past many laptops were thick, now you can find super-thin ones. In the past, the screen and keyboard were fused, now there is a 2-in-1 model that allows the screen and keyboard to be detachable or folded up to 360 degrees.

Indeed, the futuristic design makes people glance. However, what really needs to be considered is its durability, especially on the hinges. It's better, you feel for yourself how the laptop design is the target. Is the design solid and durable?

4. Laptop keyboards

Each laptop brand has its own keyboard design. If you want to use a laptop for a long time, make sure the keyboard feels comfortable in your hand. This is because comfort will affect your performance. What needs to be considered is the distance between the keys, the surface of the keys, to the responsiveness when you press the keyboard keys. Also make sure all the buttons can work properly.

5. Battery life

This third point is one of the important considerations that must be considered when buying a new laptop. On average, laptops sold have a battery life of about 6 - 8 hours.

It must be admitted, battery life is a bit difficult to measure because it depends on the laptop, the application being run, and the type of processor used. Therefore, it is highly recommended to read various reviews about the laptop you want to buy.

Also make sure you are able to take care of the laptop battery as well as possible so that its performance remains okay. For example, not charging continuously, not waiting until the battery is completely depleted or 0%, just being charged, or charging a laptop that is turned off.

6. Screen quality

In fact, not all laptops have a cool screen quality. Therefore, before buying a new laptop, make sure you know the type of screen used, its resolution, as well as the viewing angle of the screen.

Take such as, you need a laptop to work on graphics. So, you can choose a laptop with an IPS type display panel that has high sharpness and color accuracy, as well as a wide viewing angle. One thing that cannot be denied, an expensive laptop has a more capable screen quality.

In addition, also pay attention to the size of the laptop screen. Adjust it to your needs. Usually, most people use 14-inch laptops. However, if you're comfortable with a smaller laptop screen, that's up to you.

Well, three other things that need to be considered are connectivity, processor, and RAM capacity. Come on, see the next presentation.

7. Complete connectivity

In this era, the need for WiFi is definitely a priority. Therefore, it is recommended that you look for a laptop with complete connectivity. In addition to being equipped with a WiFi connection, at least, choose a laptop that has three USB ports. And no less important to have other supporting ports such as LAN and HDMI/VGA.

However, slowly some of the connectivity that was originally essential is starting to disappear, because laptop designs are becoming thinner day by day. Many manufacturers are starting to make ultrabook laptop models that are thin and minimal in ports, but are equipped with USB Type-C that supports data exchange rates of up to 40Gbps (if it supports Thunderbolt 3). The solution, you can still use the dongle as a port extension which is getting rare.

8. Processor as needed

The performance of a laptop is determined by the kitchen runway itself. One part of the kitchen runway is the processor. There are various types of processors on the market. What you need to know is what processor your laptop needs. For example, both AMD and Intel are reliable brands. However, Intel proved to have better performance than AMD.

Intel itself also has several types, including Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 which are divided into several generations and continue to experience architectural developments every year. If you often use a laptop to play games, make sure an Intel Core i7 is embedded in your laptop because this processor will spur faster performance.

9. Sufficient RAM capacity

In addition to the processor, RAM is also one of the factors that can affect laptop performance. The RAM capacity between ordinary laptops and gaming laptops is certainly different. If you use a laptop for gaming, the RAM required will be larger. For example, if you are using Windows 10, then you need to use a minimum of 8 GB of RAM for a gaming laptop. The more RAM installed, the laptop can play even heavy games.

In addition to the nine things above, you also have to pay attention to the warranty, more supporting features, security, until the most important thing is the budget. You will not be able to buy the laptop of your dreams if the funds do not support it. In addition, also adjust the laptop you want to buy with your daily needs, yes. Don't over budget either.

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