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The 5 Best TVs for 2021

best tv 2021

Although internet-based video streaming shows are mushrooming, television shows still have their own place. Here is the 5 Best TVs for 2021.

The variety of shows offered by streaming service providers such as Netflix has managed to excite the viewers. However, to guarantee a better viewing experience, you need a TV of superior quality.

There are many claims of the best TV brands on the market, but actually finding the right TV is not an easy matter. Apart from price, here are other factors you should consider before buying a TV:

Resolution: Resolution is the number of pixels on the screen. Thus, the more pixels, the more detailed the resulting image will be. At Ultra HD (>4K) resolution, the TV is also equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) which displays sharper contrast. We recommend that you choose a TV with a resolution of at least 4K.

Screen Size: Generally, the bigger the TV screen, the more optimal your viewing experience will be. Choose a screen that fits your room and budget.

Smart TV: Smart TVs can connect to Wi-Fi and have built-in apps like Youtube and Netflix. Some TV brands rely on third parties like Roku to develop their interfaces.

Panel Type: There are three types of panels, namely OLED, LED, and LCD. On OLED TVs, each pixel can emit its own light so that the resulting contrast is sharper. On the other hand, LED and LCD TVs need an external light source so that more components are needed and the possibility of damage is greater.

In addition, there is also a Quantum LED (QLED) panel which is an LED variant with a brighter screen. OLED TVs produce the best picture quality, but if you have limited funds, you can buy an LED or LCD TV.

After knowing the important factors in buying a TV, here we give recommendations for the 5 Best TVs for 2021 that you can consider.

1. Samsung

As the ruler of the electronics market, you are certainly no stranger to this best TV brand from South Korea. Unlike many of its competitors who offer OLED TVs, in its high-end line, Samsung is still struggling with its QLED panels that are able to spoil the eyes of TV connoisseurs anywhere.

However, Samsung's technology, such as Ultra Viewing Angle, has proven to be able to keep up with the tough competition for OLED TVs. Another feature that is present in Samsung's high-end line is its voice assistant, Bixby. This feature is useful for voice recognition and for navigating the Tizen interface from Samsung.

One of Samsung's newest flagship TVs is the Q900R. This product is the first TV to adopt 8K resolution on the market. In addition, this TV is also equipped with a local dimming feature that allows optimal darkness levels.

For game lovers, the Q900R can also be the right choice because this TV is supported with FreeSync technology which allows movement in games to look smoother.

Another product that Samsung has just released recently is the QLED Curved TV which adopts curved screen technology. The design allows viewers to enjoy a wider and more real screen display.

Meanwhile, in its mid-range line, just like most other LED TVs, most of Samsung's LED TVs are also classified as Smart TVs. Through Samsung's built-in Smart Hub, you can use the internet and stream freely.

2. LG

If you want a high-quality TV without a budget constraint, LG could be the best TV brand you can consider. This South Korean brand is an OLED TV pioneer that produces this type of panel for itself as well as for other competitors, such as Sony.

Each of the sub pixels in LG's OLED TV technology has its own light source. Thus, when a pixel is "turned off" or when you see black on the screen, the darkness of the black color looks close to perfect. 

If you're a fan of horror movies or other dark shows, this LG OLED TV is the perfect choice for you. Equipped with a true-to-life color display and sharp contrast, as well as LG's smart webOS platform, the LG C9 OLED product is the flagship in this category.

Although not equipped with HDR10+ like other big competitors, almost all high-end lines from LG are equipped with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. This will certainly create an unforgettable viewing experience.

Meanwhile, in the mid-range line, LG has also released a high-quality LED TV that has been equipped with a full HD screen, HDMI port, and USB. The motion eco sensor feature is also present as a complement to cut energy consumption and adjust the screen brightness level based on the image speed.

3. Sony

Apart from Samsung and LG, Sony is also another best TV brand that you can consider. As a company that is known for its audio quality, it's no wonder that Sony emphasizes the audio aspect in designing TVs.

A unique feature of this TV from Sony that you can't find in other TV brands is the spatial audio technology, which can detect the direction of sound on the screen. In addition, another advanced feature of Sony is Acoustic Surface Audio+ which allows sound to come out of the TV screen, not from separate audio speakers. One of the several variants of Sony's flagship TV is the A9G OLED which offers in addition to great audio quality, excellent picture quality combined with a slick design.

Meanwhile, the LED TV product line from Sony itself is also equipped with qualified quality such as Full HD, HD Ready, and Ultra HD 4K resolutions. You don't have to worry about missing your favorite series that was just released on the streaming service platform, because some of Sony's own LED TV products are included in the Android-based Smart TV group that allows you to use the internet and stream through the TV.

4. Sharp

As one of the best TV brands that has been in the electronics market for a long time, Sharp certainly doesn't want to be outdone by its competitors.

Just like most TVs released at the end of this decade, Sharp has also released several Smart TVs equipped with the Android operating system. With this technology, you can stream your favorite TV series. In order to support the best quality, Sharp provides its products with an internal hard drive of 10GB and a Quad Core processor.

It doesn't stop there, Sharp also offers image viewing equal to 8K technology by adopting 8K Circuit scaling through the X8 Master Engine. Quattron Pro technology that functions to split pixels into two also allows us to see images more clearly.

Sharp ensures that all of its TVs are protected against seven kinds of interference which include shock, temperature, and high voltage. Sharp's latest release is also equipped with Antenna Booster to make sure clear and ant-free viewing.

5. Philips

Although it is better known for its LED lighting products, as a company that is struggling in the electronics sector, this one of the best TV brands also offers a variety of TV products.

In the LED TV product line, Philips provides most of its products with Digital Crystal Clear technology which allows colors to look more vivid and real.

In order to guarantee a better viewing experience, LED TVs from Philips are generally also equipped with an ultra narrow bezel design that makes the display wider and elegant. Meanwhile, in its high-end line, flagship TV variants such as OLED + 903 and OLED + 984 are also equipped with the default Bowers & Wilkins soundbar and are supported by HDR + 10 and Dolby Vision.

The main uniqueness of the Philips TV is its Ambilight technology which allows the colors on the screen to be projected on the wall behind the TV when in use. These effects can give a more intense TV viewing experience.

That's the 5 Best TVs for 2021. So, which one is your pick?

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