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How to Choose the Best Blender and Knowing the Types

How to choose the best blender

Blender is an electronic device that is used to grind food ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and spices. This tool is sure to make your kitchen work easier and more enjoyable.

In this article, we will give complete information on how to choose the best blender that suits your needs.

Types of Blenders

As technology develops, this type of blender is now not only limited to the blender that you generally find in the kitchen. Currently, there are various types of blenders that are tailored to the needs and activities of users. Here are the 3 most widely used types of blenders:

1. Blender Stand

This type of blender is the one you most often meet in the kitchen and has another name for a counter top blender or a conventional blender.

This blender is widely chosen because it is easy to use and usually has several options according to the volume of the tube making it suitable for smoothing all types of food or drinks. Its multifunctional nature makes this type of blender still in great demand by the public.

2. Personal Blender

For those of you who need a practical blender, this personal blender can be your choice. This relatively new type of blender is often used to make juices or smoothies.

And what's special, the personal blender jar can also be used directly as a glass, so there's no need to pour it into another glass.

3. Hand Blender

As the name implies, this type of blender is operated by hand. Unlike other types that have to be placed on top of the machine, you can use a hand blender directly over a bowl or glass containing the ingredients you want to blend.

Due to its practical shape and resembling a mixer, hand blenders are more suitable for traveling and used to process light ingredients.

How to Choose the Best Blender

Before you buy a new blender, it is better to know in advance what things need to be considered to choose a blender according to your needs. Below are the key points for choosing the best blender:


The first thing you should consider is which type of blender will suit your needs. You already know the various types of blenders in the discussion above, you just need to adjust which one is suitable.

If you need a blender with strong power, can crush hard materials and is multifunctional, a stand blender is for you.

Meanwhile, for those of you who need a blender that is practical and flexible to travel with, choose the type of personal blender or hand blender.

Tube Material and Volume

Generally, the blender jar material is made of plastic or glass. Both of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as plastic which is lighter in weight, does not break easily, but the color of the tube quickly becomes dull.

As for the clear glass material, it has a heavier weight and is prone to breaking, but the tube will stay clear even after a long time of use. Then in terms of the volume of the tube is also important for you to consider.

The volume capacity of the blender generally ranges from 1L-2L, just choose which one suits your needs.


The power of a blender lies in the type of machine used. Choose a blender with a strong engine power and provides several speed options. Because this will make the blender more flexible to smooth various types of ingredients.

The engine power in the blender is in the range of more than 250W-1000W. The higher the power used, the faster the blender's ability to work.

It's a good idea to consider the power of the blender that you will buy with the power installed in your home so that it does not interfere with other activities that also need electricity.

You can also see the ability of the blender through the type, shape and strength of the blade to its complementary accessories. The more complementary accessories offered, the more creative you can be in processing materials.

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