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Best Mini Fridge in 2021

Best Mini Fridge in 2021

With the presence of a mini fridge designed to be as minimalist as possible and portable with a function to keep and store your food with the cooler provided, it will certainly help you in your daily needs.

This electronic item is also very easy to put in the room so it is more practical and will certainly make you comfortable in use.

Electrolux EUM0500SB-RID

There is no doubt about this brand of refrigerator, yes, the best mini refrigerator that offers good quality is designed with a capacity of 46L with dimensions of 474 x 447 x 496 mm.

This Electrolux EUM0500SB-RID has a very small power of only 50 Watts and is equipped with a recess handle.

The handle on this best mini fridge is hidden between the door so that it looks clean. This best mini refrigerator has a material made of stainless steel that is strong and does not rust and has legs like small teeth that are placed at the bottom.

There is a manual defrost function where you can prevent the volume of the refrigerator from being reduced. The design that looks minimalist, elegant and portable, it turns out that this best mini refrigerator offers an affordable price and is suitable for those of you who live alone.

Sanken SN-118KEG

Its minimalist design and elegant look are the hallmarks of this Sanken SN-118KEG. There are several features embedded in this best mini refrigerator such as the Direct Cooling System and 4D Air Flow where the cold air produced is spread throughout the area in the refrigerator without exception so the food or drink you store will cool thoroughly and of course keep it fresh longer.

This best mini fridge is known for its faster cooling process, and the resulting freshness temperature is also very stable thanks to the Super Saving A+ feature with an average running ratio score of 36%.

This best mini fridge is designed with HD walls with a thickness of 50 mm (side/door) and 60 mm (back), very thick and solid which can keep cold longer. This best mini refrigerator also has quality PVC rubber which is certainly anti-bacterial and easy to clean because it is easy to remove.

This best mini refrigerator has passed the ROHS standard where the inside material is anti-toxic and anti-odor, making it more hygienic and environmentally friendly. The best mini refrigerator that offers a capacity of 50 liters is energy-efficient.


The GEA RS-06DR is designed by presenting you with luxury and offering you some advanced technology that will certainly entertain you. The door material for this best mini fridge is made of stainless steel which will not rust easily and is easy to clean, besides that it will not affect the taste of the food.

Its practical size with quality technology in it provides extra convenience such as adjustable legs and this mini fridge is CFC free which of course is already certified. The best eco-friendly mini refrigerator uses a Static Cooling system, where you can set the temperature from the host device.

This refrigerator designed its door rack for bottles with a size of 2 liters. The best mini fridge on this one also has a uniqueness that is it can be reversed and the door is equipped with a lock so it will be safe and very suitable for use according to your needs.

Sharp SJ-50MB-XW

This Sharp SJ-50MB-XW has its flagship feature, namely fast freezing, which can cool drinks or anything in it without taking a long time. This best 1 door mini refrigerator has a capacity of 45 liters with the required power consumption reaching 75 Watts.

Not much different from the others, this best mini refrigerator uses stainless steel material which makes the refrigerator durable and good.

This eco-friendly refrigerator is designed very simply with a shelf made of tempered glass which is very sturdy so it will be safe when used.

This best mini refrigerator also has 7 layers of protection with Japanese quality standards.


The extra depth feature that is the mainstay of the TOSHIBA GR-N9P makes it a special attraction, how not with this feature you can store more food and drinks.

In addition, there is silver ion embedded in this best mini refrigerator, where it works to kill bacteria in food and drinks so that they will last longer and look fresh.

So you can keep your food and drink longer. This best mini refrigerator offers a capacity of 70 liters by requiring 55 Watts of power and can still work on unstable mains voltages.

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