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5 Best Food Processors Brand 2021

best food processor

Too often eating fast food will certainly have a bad impact on health, unfortunately cooking at home sometimes takes quite a long time. At times like that, it's good if you try a food processor.

This food processor is a multifunctional tool to process various types of food ingredients quickly and practically. Unlike a blender, a food processor can cut, grind and even grind food ingredients without the addition of water.

In addition, the food processor has various types of blades that can be adjusted to the desired cut or grind.

The Best Food Processor Brand

To choose the best food processor at home, there are certainly many considerations. Starting from the price, power required, features, and security for users.

Here are our top 5 recommended food processor brands in 2021.


The first energy-efficient food processor brand is Oxone, with an electric power of 120 watts, you can already chop, grind and mash food ingredients very quickly.

This food processor is also equipped with food grade plastic and a safety switch that cuts off electricity when a short-circuit occurs.


One of the best food processor brands, Philips offers high-powered food processors with PowerChop technology with 2 speed options for most control.

Set on low-speed to beat the cream and eggs, if you want to chop onions or meat set on high-speed.

This food processor also has a capacity of up to 2.5 L and is dishwasher safe.


The next best food processor is the Vienta Food Processor, using Tritan Impact Resistance material, the body of this food processor is not easy to break even when hit by hard objects.

Vienta is also equipped with a double safety switch on the grinder, body and bowl so that it doesn't come off easily during the processing and overheat protection to cut off electricity when the engine is too hot.

OONEW Baby Puree

Confused looking for a food processor for your baby? Well, you can try OONEW Baby Puree which is specially designed as a baby food processor.

You can easily make healthy baby food with 6 digital features from OONEW, namely steaming, blading, warming, sterilizing, keeping warm and descaling.

This food processor is also equipped with a patented evaporation cycle technology so that it is able to produce baby porridge that is soft and evenly distributed.

You also don't have to worry about rising electricity costs, OONEW Baby Puree only requires 120 watts of power for mixing food and 400 watts for steaming.


This food processor from Germany has a compact and ergonomic shape, making it easy for anyone to use.

Comes with 35 practical functions, this food processor can grate, slice, cream to juices and smoothies easily and quickly.

Like most food processors, Bosch also has a storage area that is integrated into the body, so that there is more storage for accessories.

So, which is the best choice for you?

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